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The Palazzo

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Form: Apartment

Structure: 1 living area with 1 bedroom

Size: 543 sq.ft.

Design concept: Noble luxury residence for single
The foyer is paved with white-grey marble, the wall is set with large mirrors, and the ceiling is also set with a gray mirror. The visual space of the entrance is doubled, and the wall is decorated with a characteristic glass with a gold thread in the middle. There is a marble arch in the entrance of the living room. Since then, there has been a grandeur of the Millennium Mansion. The houseowner does not cook very often. In addition to the basic equipment, the kitchen also has a bar on the border. At the same time, the width of the kitchen can also be used as a dining table; it is compatible with the role of the dining room. There is a gold-steel frame glass hanger on the bar, which can be used to hang upside down glass wine glasses, as the lounge bar. Another desire of the female owner is that the bathroom has both a bathtub and a shower. If it is the original layout of the apartment, it is undoubtedly a luxury. However, after the two rooms were constructed into one, the designer is allowed to use part of the space in the bedroom to add a bathtub in the toilet, the shower room was also preserved. A glass is placed between the bathtub and the bedroom, allowing the owner to enjoy the outdoor view and the wall-mounted TV at the end of the bed.

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