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Tai Po House

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Form: House with Garden

Structure: 2 living area with 4 bedrooms

Size: 1300 sq.ft.

Design concept: Force of nature

Nature and the greenery of the great outdoors are never far away, not only by virtue of the rural surroundings of the house but also through the lifestyle of its inhabitants, a family of four. To reflect this, many of the furnishings which Eric chose are made with naturally occurring materials such as wood and marble in order to create a harmony within.

The heart of the home is the expansive living, dining and kitchen area with its striking roof. The glass-topped open kitchen allows a lot of natural light into the house, along with the stargazing at night, It could become an oven in summer, but to deal with that Eric installed an electric awning on top of the glass top and two hanging fans. Also, make use of the natural light from the kitchen and lead it to the living room by placing a sliding glass partition between them.

Overall, the house is having a Scandinavian feel, in keeping with the homeowner’s desire for a style that was natural and comfortable, yet helps to maximize the natural beauty within and around.

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