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The Design We Give, The Life You Live.

“The design we give, the life you live” is the ultimate goal that Eric strikes to deliver to his every client. His works including interior design, branding and product design.

Eric has been dedicating him time and energy in interior design over a quarter of century and has become one of the local leading designers in this industry. He established TINT International Ltd. in 1991. During the time being, Eric has started to expend his footprints to Mainland and set up Eric Fung Design Firm in Shenzhen in 2011 with over hundred staff right under his name.

“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going”

Get involved in the conceptual stage of development, participating meeting and monitoring constructions in every single project are what Eric insisted in those years. With tantalizing combination of styles, interweaving modern with traditional is the best illustration of Eric’s latest precious project.

The Design We Give, The Life You Live.

香港著名室內設計師馮建耀 (Eric Fung),E F Design Limited設計總監,具備三十年室內設計經驗。除了高端室內設計外,更曾為國際知名品牌設計店鋪及房地產設計樣板房。




設計、創意、無邊界,E F Design。

|Design Director Eric Fung

Eric believes that if the fashionable design style loses the classic precipitation, it will appear weak and unable to be used to its fullest. Combining the needs of guests through its own design concepts, using lines, textures, lighting effects and space planning to integrate classic concepts, and show perfect, artistic and harmonious coordination from fashion. Not only does it reveal its own unique thinking from the interior design, the scope of the design is also relatively wide, and it often conceives exciting works. Through meetings, observations and discussions with clients, Eric personally design fashionable and classic decorations uniquely for each client.

Eric has been involved in interior design for more than 20 years, and design has become an indispensable pleasure in his life. In his free time, he always likes to walk around, look at things related to fashion design, and occasionally visit museums to find new inspirations. Eric understands that works created with heart, are which always makes people smile from the bottom of their heart.