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Mini Skirt

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The collaboration between Eric Fung and fashion guru Eric Kot has clearly demonstrated what ‘fashion furniture’ is all about through their joint dynamics in merging furniture and fashion designs in a catalyst that validates the infinity in the world of designs. Mini Skirt is supported by a twisted resilient steel bar to form the base of total support. Above it is a rectangular seating platform made of fiberglass which resembles a mini skirt to offer comfort and consolation.
A versatile promotion of ambiences could be generated when different types of skirts are put on. When the chair is coated with a leather skirt, it immediately infuses grandeur dignity to the home. As a piece of functional furniture, it initiates a diversity of modern visual stimulus when blended with fashion hypotheses. The original design paradigm of Mini Skirt is a crossover prototype with various brand names to endorse the brand’s unique identity.

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