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Jelly Fish

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Eric’s innovation is largely inspired by common elements in life, such as sunglasses that stimulated infinite creativity on his light fixture configurations. The tinted glass has a reflective surface on one side that mirrors its surroundings while the opposite side hides the expressions of the eyes and brings a sense of obscurity. Applying the characteristics of reflection and shimmer on the production of a lamp shade will definitely be a cool panache.
Sheltered in the lamp shade are elegantly designed candelabra bases and bulbs accentuated with dangling crystal ornaments of elaborated enticement. They promote a visual hallucination of a free floating jelly fish when the illuminated crystal accents elicit shimmering glitters. While the crystal candelabra design recalls classic panache, the reflective light shade is a statement of modern chic that distinctively demonstrates Eric Fung’s modern classic flair. Several limited editions of Jelly Fish have been offered like the glamorous contest of gold and silver featuring silver façade inner lined by gold, and the black lamp shade with black crystal accents to match the ambiences of different homes.

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