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  • One Beacon Hill

    One Beacon Hill

    Topmost story with rooftop 2 living area with 3 bedrooms 4,905 Sq. Ft. Stylish Mix and Match Earth tone has used as the theme of the house to make a great contrast with the decoration. The large glass panel increased the brightness with the view of the whole district....

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  • Sausalito


    Adjacent Unit 2 living area with 4 bedrooms 2,104 Sq. Ft. Modern and Glorious Hotel designing was the theme of the house with rose gold as the main details matching with the black steel, glorious has fused with the atmosphere....

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  • Singapore Boulevard Vue

    Singapore Boulevard Vue

    2 living area with 4 bedrooms 4,400 Sq. Ft. Exquisite and Magnificent An exquisite and magnificent apartment were built by the luxury materials and gold theme. A classy atmosphere was added with the special picked of furniture....

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  • The Leighton Hill

    The Leighton Hill

    2 living area with 4 bedrooms 2,200 Sq. Ft. Dazzling and Ordinary Simple was the main features our client requested, therefore not many details have put up but with the stripe pattern to avoid the monotonous....

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  • Laguna City

    Laguna City

    Adjacent Unit 2 living area with 4 bedrooms 1,265 sq. ft. Fresh and Stately To give the soul of stately designed, designers applied different precious materials to adorn the house; matching with the lights ‘effects to reach the expectation of our client of warmth and grand. Mirrors had used to drawn an illusion as the...

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