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South Horizon

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Form: Adjacent unit

Structure: living area with rooms

Size: 1400 sq.ft.

Design concept: Stylish mirror home

The living room is dominated by white, adding a sense of relaxation and comfort, complemented by elements of mirror to enhance the sense of space. The TV wall is decorated with cultural stone, which the three-dimensional effect brings a rough feeling.

The adjacent unit has two suites, which are the bedrooms for the two couples. Sister’s taste is similar after all these years of living together. The owner's suite is covered with light gray wallpaper, bedside features wall with floral pattern wallpaper, white square suede bed, and light gray veneer closet. While the bedroom of her sister is decorated with a bit of a stylish taste, the dark gray bedside suede is paved with rectangles of different sizes, the lines are simple and neat. The TV cabinet and dressing table on the other side is coherent, but the design of different heights brings fashion sense.

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