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Park Yoho Venezia

Form: Topmost story with rooftop

Structure: 2 living area with 2 bedrooms

Size: 2541 sq.ft.

Design concept: Exceptional retirement home

The whole house is dominated by the earth tone, and the walnut strips are used as decorative features, which are infused with the elements of nature, and a steady and elegant taste, which is well-matched with the deep interest of the owner's collection. The walls of the master's bedroom are arranged in brown suede, in which the back wall of the bed is centered in dark brown suede, decorated with gold borders on both sides; each side is decorated with light brown suede with two wall lamps, hotel-like.

The unit has a rooftop, and the terrace is covered with outdoor wood. In addition to the outdoor sofa and dining set, Eric also has a bar for the family, at the same time potted some flower plants to add a natural feeling. Imagine having barbecue here in holidays!

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