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  • Jade Grove

    Jade Grove

    Form: Duplex with garden Structure: 3 living area with 4 bedrooms Size: 2900 sq.ft. Design concept: Unconventional, modern elegance...

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  • The Ultima

    The Ultima

    Form: Apartment Structure: 2 living area with 4 bedrooms Size: 1575 sq.ft. Design concept: Leisure and comfortable holiday home...

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  • Park Yoho Venezia

    Park Yoho Venezia

    Form: Topmost story with rooftop Structure: 2 living area with 2 bedrooms Size: 2541 sq.ft. Design concept: Exceptional retirement home...

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  • Habitat


    Habitat 2,300 square feet Nestled among neighboring white houses, this stylish single unit home featuring generous glass walls is an eye catching attraction. The floor-to- ceiling glass windows are made from high quality pellucid material to divide yet connect the interior with the open and scenic landscape. To maximize natural illumination and allow a panoramic...

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  • Tint International Limited

    Tint International Limited

    Office Whole story 13,000 Sq, Ft. Stylish and Chill The focus of the office is at the reception with the steel made Effie Tower like decoration which could make people relax under such a design. To avoid the donkeywork and darkness with the black theme, designers added lots of large glass panels to draw in...

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  • Grand Promenade

    Grand Promenade

    Topmost duplex with rooftop 2 living area with 4 bedrooms 2,000 sq. ft. Refine and Modish Wood and Mirror steel is used as the main materials of the house to match the theme of trendy. Classy black and white could easily define different area and keeping the track with the theme....

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  • Sorrento


    Topmost duplex with rooftop 2 living area with 3 bedrooms Majestic and Grand The majestic and grand mood was created with lots of special and valuable materials; a phase of luxurious was made....

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