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  • Beacon Heights

    Beacon Heights

    Form: Apartment Structure: 2 living area with 2 bedrooms Size: 1182 sq.ft. Design concept:...

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  • Island Resort

    Island Resort

    Form: Apartment Structure: 2 living area with 2 bedrooms Size: 840 sq.ft. Design concept: Sea View Home with Earth Colour...

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  • South Horizon

    South Horizon

    Form: Adjacent unit Structure: living area with rooms Size: 1400 sq.ft. Design concept: Stylish mirror home The living room is dominated by white, adding a sense of relaxation and comfort, complemented by elements of mirror to enhance the sense of space. The TV wall is decorated with cultural stone, which the three-dimensional effect brings a...

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  • Royal Court

    Royal Court

    Form: Apartment Structure: 2 living area with 2 rooms Size: 640 sq.ft. Design concept: English vintage The owner likes dark blue and English retro style, which became the main theme of Eric's design. The whole house is mainly composed of dark blue, dark brown and gray, decorated with black and copper, together with retro-style furniture...

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  • The Palazzo

    The Palazzo

    Form: Apartment Structure: 1 living area with 1 bedroom Size: 543 sq.ft. Design concept: Noble luxury residence for single The foyer is paved with white-grey marble, the wall is set with large mirrors, and the ceiling is also set with a gray mirror. The visual space of the entrance is doubled, and the wall is...

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  • Tai Po House

    Tai Po House

    Form: House with Garden Structure: 2 living area with 4 bedrooms Size: 1300 sq.ft. Design concept: Force of nature Nature and the greenery of the great outdoors are never far away, not only by virtue of the rural surroundings of the house but also through the lifestyle of its inhabitants, a family of four. To...

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  • Jade Grove

    Jade Grove

    Form: Duplex with garden Structure: 3 living area with 4 bedrooms Size: 2900 sq.ft. Design concept: Unconventional, modern elegance This house used a variety of stones, as well as rose gold steel and suede to create a noble home. The design of the TV wall is also very particular, using Italian ice jade marble to...

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  • The Ultima

    The Ultima

    Form: Apartment Structure: 2 living area with 4 bedrooms Size: 1575 sq.ft. Design concept: Leisure and comfortable holiday home In order to preserve the original layout and decoration, in the foyer, Eric used the walnut-style bar counter together with the original marble cabinet’s marble used as a countertop from the Turkish stone mine, and perfectly...

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