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Chief Designer, Eric Fung


“The design we give, the life you live” is the ultimate goal that Eric strikes to deliver to his every client. His works including interior design, branding and product design.

Eric has been dedicating him time and energy in interior design over a quarter of century and has become one of the local leading designers in this industry. He established TINT International Ltd. in 1991. During the time being, Eric has started to expend his footprints to Mainland and set up Eric Fung Design Firm in Shenzhen in 2011 with over hundred staff right under his name.

“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going”
Get involved in the conceptual stage of development, participating meeting and monitoring constructions in every single project are what Eric insisted in those years. With tantalizing combination of styles, interweaving modern with traditional is the best illustration of Eric’s latest precious project.